Field recordings, whispers. Industrial noise, meditative nature. The micro scale and the abyss of the macrocosm.
This is how we can briefly outline the contexts of three projects which received the highest scores and quality notes out of 57 applications for Artist in Residence at the 360
° Gallery #homeedition:

Intersection | Javier Cañal Sanchez / V.P.M from Spain
Troublants Trous Noirs | Jules Roze / Sol Miracula from Canada
Under Our Skin | A-li-ce from France

The following criteria were taken into account during the selection of the winning projects: artistic values ​​of the concept (e.g. originality, ingenuity), consistency and accuracy in preparing the project concept, project feasibility according to the technical specification of the 360​​° Gallery projection system and artistic portfolio.

The winning projects will be completed remotely by selected artists during the month-long residency and the effects in the form of audiovisual projects in 360° format will be presented in the 360° Gallery and online during the Patchlab CONNECTED Festival.


The results announcement on the Photon Foundation webpage.