On Saturday night, exclusively for the audience of the Patchlab Festival, the German duo INSTANT, residents of the Watergate Club in Berlin, performed live directly from the Berlin. Known for their captivating, techno analog, composed live on a wide spectrum of instruments and electronic devices: keyboards, sequencers and loopers, including unique retro gems. Every show is completely unique, because it’s not a set but an improvisational performance that shows a level of confidence and collaboration rare in today’s electronic scene.
Johannes Steyer and Matthias Millhoff will play over a 2-hour, full of bass, live act straight from their studio in Berlin.

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The event was broadcasted on patchlab.pl and on our profile at YouTube and Facebook.
Additionally, 1st hour was on air at Radio Kapitał /radiokapital.pl/


The program is organized in cooperation with the Goethe Institut in Krakow.