Artist in Residence #homeedition

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As a result of an open call for the Artist in Residence program in the 360° Gallery #homeedition announced in May this year by the Photon Foundation, 3 projects were selected to be implemented at the 360° Gallery. This year, exceptionally, due to the limitations caused by the pandemic, #homeedition residences are held remotely. During the monthly residency (09/15/2020 – 10/18/2020), the chosen artists developed their projects in their homes / studios in Barcelona, Berlin and Montreal.

The residency effects – 6-minutes projects designed for a projection system built of 10 projectors in the 360° Gallery – are presented in the form of 360° recordings made in the 360° Gallery. Please, use the headphones.

Premiere: October 25 at 7 pm CET

These 3 projects will also be presented in the 360° Gallery with the participation of the public, when it will be possible and safe.

Audiovisual project with lasers which makes a metaphorical critique of human interaction with, and impact on, nature. The piece is developed in two parts. Nature, automated and harmonic, until the intervention of the second, humanity. This element makes our own intervention on the piece visible and evident, making people aware of the importance of being part of the whole in harmony.

Troublants Trous Noirs | Jules Roze


, Sol Miracula


An audiovisual project inspired by the complexity of the phenomena of cosmic black holes and the mystery surrounding them, created by a duo of French artists specializing in electroacoustic composition, digital art and creative coding. The creators announce an immersive generative project that explores the concept of space-time as a 4-dimensional continuum, the fundamental forces of nature and the world of quantum, a journey driven by harmony and chaos.


Under Our Skin | A-li-ce


An immersive audiovisual piece which combines Science Fiction storytelling and the exploration of nature’s symbiotic worlds, from Bacteria cell networks to algae constellations. Along the way, the visual patterns interact and mutate, shaping a living organism surrounding the audience in the 360° setup. By doing so, Under Our Skin offers a meditative space to experience the physical sensations of lifting, rising and drifting, allowing the viewer to become part of the organism itself.

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