INSTANT is not a typical techno duo. Johannes Steyer and Matthias Millhoff are Berlin-based performers, improvising with a fusion of retro and cutting edge technology, composing live bass-driven analog-infused techno. They have been breaking down electronic conventions since 2014, improvising on stage to make music that is both wildly abstract and emotionally accessible at the same time. They’re mixing live, combining a modular system (spaghetti of wires) with an Ableton-based drum sampler. Every show is completely unique, because it’s not a set but an improvisational performance that shows a level of confidence and collaboration rare in today’s electronic scene.
INSTANT are also the guys behind the largest sequencer in the world – RMBA-20 Sequencer. What’s more, they share their music by providing a huge library of live analog samples that anyone can download a free exclusive loop on

 On Saturday night (24.10), especially for the audience of the Patchlab Festival the residents of Berlin Watergate Club will perform live.