Karla Kracht German multidisciplinary artist, works with marionettes and stop motion animation. Best recognised for her bizarre figures, which she employs in drawing, animation, painting, video and small sculptures to characterise contemporary society and to propose speculative futures. The figures are the component elements for her installations and performances in which she mixes genres, techniques and technologies.
With each new project, Karla investigates new topics and formal techniques. In this way, she constantly widens her technical and conceptual tools. She exhibits in festivals and art spaces worldwide, including Animateka Ljubljana, Alhondiga Bilbao and Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal.
Karla studied fine arts, art history, linguistics and media arts in Germany, UK and Spain. She participated in international residency programmes in Portugal, Taiwan, Korea, Latvia, Spain and Germany.
Karla is based in Barcelona, Spain and works worldwide.