• DNArt Posters Studio

    The title of this exposition refers to the genetic code of DNA, as the works presented here are a collection of unique information about the creators – students of the Multimedia Studio, Faculty of New Media Art of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw: Karol Fira, Mateusz Golec, Mateusz Kępczyński, Norbert Lisak and Adrian Plona. During the project, the young artists looked for individual expression and created verbal and visual messages that were to define their personality. The result of these creative activities was a multimedia identity cards, i.e. a collection of data about the author shown in the form of complementary virtual images in augmented reality.

    Project curator: Dr. Anna Klimczak
    Multimedia Studio team:
    Anna Klimczak
    Olga Wroniewicz
    Tomasz Miśkiewicz
    Damian Ziółkowski


    When you click on the selected image, it will open in full screen mode.
    Then open the Patchlab AR application on your phone/tablet and point the camera at the image – you will see the activated work on the phone screen.


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    The project will be presented in cooperation with the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw.