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The Salon Virtual Ambient  is a space of virtual rest. This showroom presents 4 works: an internet interactive installation by Thomas Wagensommerer, an VR video videoclip and 2 projects in 360 ° format, which can also be viewed on VR glasses, by American artists Rew and CG Ryan.

It is advisable to turn on the sound or use headphones.

~nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~ | Thomas Wagensommerer


This real-time online installation deals with the examination of concepts focused on how to generate, describe and modulate the very moment of “now”. Embedded in a contextual framework spanning from 1972 (-48 years / longest year ever / World3 [The Limits to Growth / Club of Rome]), to 1996 (-24 years / It’s all coming back to me now / The Long Now Foundation), to 2020 (-/+ 0 years / real-time installation), to 2044 (+24 years / expected [by World3] peek death rates), this installation adopts this narrative to a durational, experimental sonic arrangement, using several small, digital and physical applications, that work together, feed and support each other to generate a constant audio stream lasting exactly one year. A 5 second long recording of the word now from Celine Dion’s 1996 hit “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” (money note at 5:09) is the main source of this sonic arrangement and is stretched in real-time to a duration of 31556952 seconds. This sonically magnifies the sound in between sounds and creates enormously slow oscillating harmonics.

Specimens of Ephemeral Worlds | Rew


This 360° audiovisual animation is an immersion in fleeting worlds of dynamic sound and mystifying abstract forms. Dreamlike surroundings become a jarring spectacle, and an invitation to get lost in exploration.

Amateur Hour  | Rew


An animated 360° music video created by new media artist Rew (graphic) and Vertigo Gambler (music).
Non living objects dance in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Skeletal skyscrapers shimmer with the moiré effect until they crumble.


Intangible Windows | CG Ryan


Cinematic Virtual Reality video collage. Playfully surreal, the trio of three-minute works use digital layering and 360-degree video to weave scenes and elements from both the natural world and constructed sets to visualize an interplay of reality with imagination. The artist calls these works “VR Poems” to invite viewers to be open and free to find their own meanings, enjoying dreamlike settings and metaphorical juxtapositions, to briefly transcend their everyday realities to see the world through three different points of view.

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