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In the Paʧ: Intermedia studio, we will present a selection of works created by students from the last year of the Intermedia Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland: Piotr Madej, Maciej Gniady, Jana Moroz, Karina Gorzkowska, Maja Szerel and Estera Gałuszka, and also works created in The Audiosphere Studio led by prof. Marek Chołoniewski.

Curator: dr Mariusz Front

Salt of the earth

Piotr Madej | Master’s diploma completed in the Audioshere Studio under the supervision of prof. Marek Chołoniewski

The presentation of the work takes place in a digitally created space of, excluded from tourist use, the Maria Teresa V Chamber. Commonly known as the Grzegorz’s Chamber, it is located right next to the Route of the Salt Mine Museum in Wieliczka. The artistic work is a spatial sound installation. It consists of a series of laboratory stations that are the source of natural sonified and visualized live processes with elements of interaction. The course of the work is inspired by the events in the life of Franciszek Krzeczkowski, the author’s great-grandfather, first a miner in a salt mine, who then contributed to the creation of the museum and became its employee. The sound layer of the work, in addition to abstract elements derived from the sonification of processes taking place in laboratory stands, also contains specific elements related to the historical sonosphere of the mine and the personal experiences of my great-grandfather.


Jana Moroz | Bachelor’s diploma completed in the Animation Studio under the supervision of Marcin Pazera

RETURN is a term used in aviation acrobatics that means quickly changing the altitude and direction of flight at 180 degrees. At the moment of executing a pilot figure, the plane forms a rollover half-loop. The author personally associates the words to turn back or back. The work is based mainly on mental disorders and has a self-therapeutic effect.

In three-dimensional virtual reality space, the user can walk, fly, penetrate through 3D objects that trigger sounds. Movement, which is the basis of everything that surrounds us, also plays a major role here – the world is created in accordance with the recipient’s movement. He can only see objects at a short distance. What passes disappears with each step taken, while opening up the possibilities of perception of other elements. When walking through space, it is easy to get lost or lose the sense of orientation.


Karina Gorzkowska | VR diploma from the Archisphere Studio, completed under the supervision of prof. Grzegorz Biliński

The title refers to the term mind uploading. The implementation determines the moment of transfer to virtual space, connection with it, the user’s exit from the biological body and creating its copies. Moreover, it combines space resembling the physical one (photogrammetry) with the virtual one, and then more and more digitizes it. The author created a scenario that involves placing new elements and interactions. The area in which the recipient can walk or teleport expands. The new components no longer resemble those that can be found in physical reality.

The Elephant

Maciej Gniady | VR diploma from the Archisphere Studio, completed under the supervision of prof. Grzegorz Biliński

The title Elephant originated from the fusion of two cultural topoi: elephant in the room, i.e. defining something obvious for a specific group, but intentionally ignored, otherwise taboo, or difficult to grasp at first glance due to its vastness and one of the oldest Hindu parables “About the blind and the elephant”, which tells about the visit of a mighty animal in the village of the blind and their inability to clearly describe this animal. The problem of virtual reality and reality as such seemed to the author to be just such an elephant due to the breadth and complexity of the topic, which makes it difficult to see it as a whole.

Halda system works

Estera Gałuszka | work completed in the Transmedia Studio led by Mariusz Sołtysik

The topic taken up by the author is ecology. In times – known as the Anthropocene era – we live “on credit” for future generations, because the earth can no longer compensate for the adverse changes occurring as a result of human activity. In her project, the artist draws attention to the trace – often imperceptible at once – that a human leaves behind. At the heart of the project is coal, the raw beauty of which and the possibility of modern and low-emission use stand in opposition to what it is today: a non-renewable heating material. The artist – in the world of VR – tries to show how else it can be used.

Freedom VR

Maja Szerel  | work completed in the Animation Studio

Freedom is an immersive experience oscillating between the themes of freedom and enslavement, danger and peace. It is a virtual journey through a dual world, on the one hand dangerous and disturbing, but on the other hand it gives a kind of asylum and a place for reflection. The Odyssey in the context of the virtual experience becomes both an escape and a clash with reality, a lesson that should be learned in order to be able to continue on the road.



The Audiosphere Studio led by prof. Marek Chołoniewski opens a space of work with sound for students of the Academy. As part of the exhibition, we enter the virtual studio space on the 3rd floor of the Intermedia building at ul. Piłsudskiego 38 in Krakow. The avatar we create mediates the experience of the work carried out in the studio. We can come into contact with bacteria inhabiting the human intestines through sonicated records of their life activities and watch horror movies built on the basis of micro and macro sounds.

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