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A selection of animations and shorts for kids, specially prepared in cooperation with the Athens Digital Art Festival in Greece, available at any time on the web, throughout the duration of the Patchlab festival.

The compilation “We’re Together” consists of shorts that represent the love, affection and joyous moments we experience with our loved ones – members of our family or friends or even non-human beings – and how we can still come together despite the circumstances. During this global health crisis it is important to remember that we might keep a physical distance from one another, but we don’t have to be socially isolated.

We hope our little friends will like the program of short films specially prepared for them
Let’s stay safe and Connected.

Curator: Maria Triantafyllou, Athens Digital Art Festival

Duration in total: 66 min

Twin Islands

Charlotte Sarfati, Manom Saily, Christine Jaudoin, Lara Cochetel, Raphael Huot, Fanny Teisson | FR | 2017
Duration: 07’20

Two islands. Two kingdoms. Two brothers that discovers how to coexist and – most importantly – how to share.

Blue like the ocean

Frank Peng Liu | US | 2017
Duration: 04’20

A girl takes her little brother on a trip to the beach and teaches us how sibling love can overcome any difficulties.

On the same wavelength

Radoslava Lackova | CZ | 2018
Duration: 06’20

A weird little creature comes face to face with a boy. Starting their adventure together, they find out that friendship knows no borders.

The House

Veronica Zacharova | CZ | 2016
Duration: 05’30

When a family moves out their small house tries to get them back in his warm interior. An allegory for less is more and home is where love is.


Filip Diviak | CZ | 2017
Duration: 09’30

Every day the village’s awaker comes back home to his son giving him a different bell each day, given by individual villagers. As the years pass the roles reverse, but their land remains connected because of them.


Mathilde Debray, Jeremy Gurdal, Mathieu Barbier, Camille Marissal | FR | 2018
Duration: 04’00

The brief story of two people showing us how to overcome barriers and feel free to love one another.

The artist and the kid

Deepah Chandramohan, Sasank Dhulipudi, Charlotte Brun | IN | 2017
Duration: 04’10

An artist meets a talented young boy by chance, but he runs away. As he tries to find the little child, he comes across majestic buildings and drawings that come to life. Two talents collide and the old meets the new in an odd friendship.

True Love

Pasquale D’amico | IT | 2018
Duration: 02’45

Two air balloons start their trip around the countryside, only to show us what love and family is like.

Zoo Story

Veronika Zacharova | CZ | 2015
Duration: 04’10

A girl strays away from her mum’s hand during their trip at the zoo and befriends a gorilla.


Avid Liongoren | PH | 2016
Duration: 04’10

The loving relationship between a girl and her dog. When MOMO gets lost, will she do whatever it takes to find him? How strong can a friendship between a human and her dog be?

The Adventures of Mophy

Dennis Tsai | CZ | 2018
Duration: 04’10

A boy and his pet in a 2D videogame. Who will win?

Arcade Boys

Timothey Delhaize, Alexis Maerten, Aurelia Tron, Orane Laffra, Zoe Devise | FR | 2018
Duration: 03’50

Two boys enter an arcade and start competing in a dance battle, but most important of all are having the time of their lives.

Across the bridge

Alisha Steinberger, Chao Wu | CA | 2020
Duration: 05’00

Two siblings seem to have a minimum communication between each other. The teenage sister refuses to play Across the bridge with her little brother, but when it comes to saving him -even if it’s only in his favourite video game- they unite and cooperate to put down the Big Boss, because love can win against even the worst monsters.

Beep and Tweet

Liza Desyatkova | CA | 2020
Duration: 06’00

An odd friendship between a robot and a little chicklet teaches us that we should think the best about our loved ones, even if that means to let them go.

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