These workshops are provided online, in Polish.

The technology of 3D printing, which has become more and more common, enables the acquisition of valuable new skills in the field of design and, while maintaining ergonomics of design, contributes to the improvement of our immediate environment.
During the pandemic, locked up at home, many of us watched birds outside our windows. Thanks to the technology of 3D printing we can support them by designing feeders for birds, especially in autumn and winter, who look to our windows or gardens in search of food.

During the workshops in 3D printing, participants will learn about the process of three-dimensional design, printer operation and 3D printing itself. They will design their own original object which, when printed, will become a bird feeder.

More details to be found in Polish version.

The workshop will take place as part of the 3rd edition of the Krakow event, Sztuka do rzeczy – design in Krakow, this year entitled HOME, and devoted to the situation we had to face unexpectedly during a pandemic. Workshops in 3D printing directly fit into responsible and ergonomic design, with the aim of arranging our space to support us in extreme, unusual conditions of shortage and limitation.

The project was implemented with the financial participation of the City of Krakow.