Next Friday, October 23, the 9th edition of Patchlab Festival 2020: Connected begins! We will connect with you at home, on walks and on the dance floor in a large room, via the internet, virtual and augmented reality. We have planned additional broadcasts in Hevre+1 for you, but due to the current situation, we do not want to expose anyone so this option will not be available. But nothing is lost, because the entire program will be available online!

The program includes: an online exhibition in virtual and augmented reality and in 360° format with audiovisual compositions Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP), MONOCOLOR (AT), Ari Dykier (PL), digital performance in a live video game from Vienna by Total Refusal (AT), extensive film program, immersive light installations from the New Zealand studio arc / sec Lab and two unique mobile applications in augmented reality technology. During Saturday’s AVnight, a duo of residents of the Berlin Watergate club – INSTANT, will perform live directly from Berlin, exclusively for the Patchlab audience. The hybrid format of most of the events will enable participation both online at and in augmented and virtual reality using special applications.

Be careful and stay Connected!