The 9th Patchlab Digital Art Festival will be held on October 23-25, 2020.
The festival events will take place in a hybrid format: most of them will be available online on a specially prepared website, but there will also be an opportunity to see projects in Krakow, Poland and in augmented reality.

The main theme of this year’s edition of the Patchlab Festival is CONNECTED.
Today we connect mainly via the internet, which has become an effective and immediate form of communication. The head-spinning rise of the internet based communication in recent months is still quite difficult to grasp. The digital revolution that the world is going through due to the pandemic is taking place in front of our eyes. We are also connected by the new situation in which we all find ourselves, the limitations caused by the pandemic, but also thinking about the future of shared public spaces, cultural events and everyday life with / after the virus.

As befits a digital edition, the special project will be held live online. In a dystopian video game space, Robin Klengel and Leonhard Müllner, straight from Vienna, will present the performance entitled Operation Jane Walk, in which they hijack the digital video game environment, exploring the possibilities (and impossibilities) of new media technologies. Amidst the whistle of bullets, where the rifle sight becomes binoculars, the performers in front of the audience walk through post-apocalyptic New York, discussing issues such as the history of architecture, urban planning and the game’s author’s interference in the space of the city.

Throughout the festival, at any time you choose, you can go to the Exhibition, which will be available online. In the AR Salon we will see the works of, among others, the Japanese virtuoso of sound and image synesthesia Ryoichi Kurokawa and the Viennese artist MONOCOLOR creating algorithmic audiovisual worlds. In the Salon Virtual Ambient, a space of silence, you will be able to experience an interactive internet installation, see animations in 360° and VR. In the DNArt Poster Studio, students of the Multimedia Department of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw will present interactive posters.

At the 360​​° Gallery and online, in 360° format, audiovisual projects will be presented – the effects of the Artist in Residence #homeedition, and on Saturday AV Night, especially for the Patchlab audience, the German duo INSTANT will perform live.

During this year’s edition, we present the works of over 35 artists from Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Japan, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Iran, Great Britain, Hungary and Italy.

Today we are announcing the first part of the events, details of which can be found in the PROGRAM.
To be continued.

Take care, be creative and stay connected!