Here is the announcement the complete program of Patchlab Festival 2020 CONNECTED!

As part of the EXHIBITION, in one of the five virtual rooms, next to the AR Salon, Virtual Ambient Salon and two Studios, in arc / sec Lab we will immerse ourselves in multi-sensory light installations implemented in the studio at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, specialising in the exploration of connections between digital and physicality.

A new block on the agenda are the WORKSHOPSTechnology in the service of birds – session on ergonomic 3D printing design, which are used to improve our immediate environment, on which you will be able to create and print a unique bird feeder! And by taking part in the workshops of the partner festival Digital Cultures, you will have an opportunity to exercise your body and imagination, make dumplings together with artificial intelligence, ponder about immersion in sound projects, and even create a manifesto based on the demands of digital culture! It is highly recommended to registering now, because the number of participants is limited.

Within 3 days, we will present the works of over 35 artists from around the world, in the hybrid formula: perfomance in a video game – Operation Jane Walk by Total Refusal, discussion panel #nowanormalny, or what? with Centrum Cyfrowe, AVnight with INSTANT live from Berlin and Chino live in Krakow, extensive computer animations in the SCREENINGS program, incl. CGI works awarded at the Ars Electronica Festival, as well as a special selection of ADAF Kids shorts for children and the premiere of SOL.AR.IS and AR Walk. Old Town to the new.

The festival’s hybrid format gives you access to most events whenever you want, and all events are free of charge.
More details can be found in the PROGRAM, and the exact schedule is set out day by day in the SCHEDULE.

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